"At JSS2 I Was Offering Bl**job As A Side hustle" - 25-Year-Old Wife Makes Shocking Confession

It's with no doubt that everyone has got a dark secret that would constantly come back haunting them even after many years, such as the consequence of having an addiction.
Pretty Stella is already finding out the hard way the reality that has caught up with her from her younger years now into her marital space.
According to her open letter revealed on Instagram, she became inseparable with porn as a teenager while in secondary school and hasn't dropped her naughty habit ever since.
In an intriguing story she narrated,
Stella is married for over 2 years now, but her constant craves for s*x as an addict is beginning to threaten her once-loyal status with her husband. Nowadays she says her past has continued to define who she is and as such, there is no denying that though some things can be managed but can never be erased. But in her case, she seems to be struggling to tame her wild habit.
Check out her full interesting letter HERE.
It was never easy for her as a teenage girl who started at JSS2 'handing out' BJs to senior male students as a side hustle to survive the overwhelming pulse. At the moment, for her, it is getting even more intense and she's already thinking of having a side-guy outside her marriage (without husband knowing) solely for s*xual rites.

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