How To Increase Your Manh**d With Kola Nut (Obi In Yoruba) Within 3 Days

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Kola nut is a cultural staple in many West African countries like Nigeria, prized for its good effects on the body system. 
Below is how to use kola nut to increase your manhood ;

Water(clean water)
And bottle (small bottle)
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Just cut all the kola nut into the bottle
Put it (kola nut) inside the bottle
Fill the bottle with water
You will start drinking it after 3 days of preparation.
You will drink it twice (2 times a day) morning and night for 3days.
You will see the changes before those three days.
What you need is to concentrate on your lifestyle, stay away from anything that can affect your sexual life.

Love your woman, so this natural method can work for you.

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