Is there Really A Countries That Have No Nights And The Sky Is Never Dark ?

Image result for See The Three Countries That Have No Nights And The Sky Is Never DarkAccording to reports, there are places in the world where there's no night, the sun never sets and the sky never gets dark.
One of those places is Norway, which is situated in the Arctic Circle in Europe. It is called the home or land of the midnight sun. The sun doesn't set in Norway and there is no Night for a period from May to August. You only sleep when you wish as nobody waits for the night. The picture above is a midnight picture in Norway.
Iceland is another country that
has no nights. The sky never gets dark in a whole year. It is a beautiful country too as depicted in the picture above, but during visits, bear in mind that you will be experiencing your stay without nights, so you have to learn how to cope.
Alaska is another country that is allergic to darkness. Although it is from late May to September, do not expect nights as the sky never gets dark throughout the 24hours of that period.

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