See World Richest Chicken With Net Worth Of $15 Million

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It is no doubt that most of us only dream of having a bank account with millions of dollars available to spend, but its just frustrating knowing that pets have a net worth that is completely unattainable to the average person.
According to reports,
there's a chicken (a British chicken to be exact) that has a wallet bigger than most of us could ever hope for.
Gigoo is the most extravagant chicken on the planet. It's worth is $15 million. 
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It had a place with the late British distrdistributores Blackwell. 
It was accounted for that Blackwell left his fortunes to a noble cause and put aside 15m dollars for his pet, Gigoo. 
Miles kicked the bucket in 2011, not long after his significant other. They had no kids. 
The couple built up a magnanimous trust for the warfare of types of creatures and left behind a delicious $15m for their pet, Gigoo. 
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