Meet Sexy Nollywood Female Celebrities Who Are Ripe For Marriage

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Below are single popular celebrities who are looking, not urgently, however, anticipating that euphoric day, even as they want to live cheerfully ever after. 

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Rita is one lady you dare not take a gander immediately and leave. She may have arrived in a little bundle yet you can't dispose of her gigantic effect on others. She's smart, gifted and a force dresser quickly. 
At this moment, the Theater Arts graduate is content with her life yet relatively few know whether she cries mystery tears about not being caught by her Mr. Right.  

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Genny, as she is affectionately called, is likewise portrayed as the dear of Nigeria's film industry, known as Nollywood. One thing you can't detract from her will be her acting ability just as her tasteful dress sense. 
Many feel something is inadequate in Genny's apparently ideal existence of acclaim, cash, and excellence – a man, who might catch her heart until the end of time. 
Despite the fact that she isn't known to be a sucker for adoration, Genevieve has been severally connected with certain men both inside and outside Nollywood. 
She is wonderful, keen, tasteful and rich as well. Along these lines, what's keeping this 33-year-old mother of one from discovering Mr. Right.

Bimbo Akintola
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She is one of the most adaptable entertainers Nigeria has created. For the individuals who know her, she is accommodating. She is the third offspring of a group of six and a local of Oyo State, Nigeria. One thing that hypnotizes her fans is her capacity to mix into any job given to her without doubts. Be that as it may, with regards to connections, very little is thought about her. This is on the grounds that she accepts that age is never again a boundary to marriage as it can come whenever. 
According to her: "There is nothing of the sort as a perfect man. There is no ideal man or lady. What you have is work in progress. When you meet midway, you simply need to work from that point." 
Despite the fact that she isn't fretted over her conjugal status, well-wishers will be excited on the off chance that she gets snared with the correct man one year from now. 

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This full bosomed Nollywood on-screen character isn't reluctant to display what she has regardless of whose bull is gutted. Cynthia Agholor's monstrous scar for being in Nollywood is as a rule explicitly badgering by numerous makers and executives in her initial days in the business. Beginning at six years old with the famous kiddies program 'Stories by Moonlight', Cynthia has been in the spotlight for her entire life. 
She has experienced a lot of affection difficulties when she dated a white person. 
A long time after the relationship hit the stones, Cynthia is reputed to be in a sizzling sentiment with a top Ghanian filmmaker. The sentiment is the special raised area bound, as per the news make adjustments. It is clear that the lovebirds are content and burn through no time, displaying their warmth for one another transparently. 

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In spite of Ebube Nwagbo's faultless magnificence and ability, she wasn't saved the misfortune of watching her ex, Kingsley Okonkwo of KC Presh, make an enduring responsibility to another lady. Ebube's excursion into Nollywood has spread over more than 10 years but then, no man has had the option to catch her heart forever. 

At the present time, this Nollywood diva and Mass Communication move on from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, is making the most of her status as a businessperson. She possesses Posh Hair and has guided her vitality into building her image.
Ebube isn't in any case single since she is an on-screen character; she is sitting tight for the correct man, who will adore her, acting whatnot. Be that as it may, Nigerians simply wish this Nollywood darling would stroll down the walkway one year from now in spite of the chances. Many implore she would discover a man, who will trust and have faith in her just as value her activity as an entertainer. 

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You can call her Nollywood trouble maker yet she couldn't care less a hoot. Halima Abubakar overwhelmed Nollywood years back and there has been no halting this never beyond words. Her ascent to fame wasn't a luxurious situation, given the intense occasions she encountered growing up. Her diligence paid off at last and today, she is one of Nollywood's dears. 

In spite of the fact that she has been in the focal point of certain embarrassments, Halima doesn't trouble herself anything else about the terrible press. Her lone concern is to continue moving forward. On relationship matters, Halima puts stock in adoration however has limited herself from making an enduring responsibility to one man since some wedded individuals are coming up short on marriage. Halima accepts that when all is good and well, she will say yes to the one. She doesn't trust in joining the temporary fad of women, racing into marriage just to get a ring. She isn't in a surge since she wishes to stay wedded forever like her folks, who have been as one for more than two decades. Fans simply wish that the perfect time for Halima is 2013, as they are hoping to realize who will at long last win Halima's love forever. 

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This shapely Nollywood on-screen character is debate represented. Her egregious presentation of her natural boobs has gotten her a greater number of haters than fans. Be that as it may, in all these, Cossy is difficult to eradicate from one's brain no problem at all. Like her or abhor her, she carries on with her life the manner in which she esteems fit. One inquiry Cossy should answer is in the event that she is prepared to settle down soon. 

She shouted out at one time that she was worn out on wedded men pursuing her and sending her messages. At 37, nobody knows without a doubt if the questionable on-screen character is giving marriage a genuine idea. Her fans wish her well in 2013. Many are really begging her to settle down and bring up youngsters as opposed to keep showing her boobs in open constantly. 

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