Reasons Why You Should Stop Using C*ndoms

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The effectiveness of condom with regards to protection from STIs and pregnancy is 98% but due to human error which may arise during use, the effectiveness maybe dropped to 85%.
Despite the aforementioned reasons why
condoms are good during sex, there are various ways condoms could ruin your sex life. Let's look at a few.
1. The break in foreplay. Stopping to put on a condom during foreplay breaks the sequence of event and may lead to a drastic decrease in arousal or urge.

2. MImage result for condomost men with erectile dysfunction may find it worsening to their case during intercourse. If they have to pause and put it on, the interruption makes it very hard for them to keep an erection. This causes risky sexual behaviours and finally loss of partner, ruining your sex life
3. Most latex condoms cause latex allergies and makes it difficult to use normal condoms. Severe allergic reactions involve hives or rash over much of the body, dizziness, difficulty breathing, or loss of consciousness when the latex touches the body.
Alternatives to this is the use of lambskin which only protects seminal fluid from reaching eggs and preventing pregnancy.
4. Constant use of condoms lead to reduction in sensitivity during intercourse. A study revealed that couples voiced their concern on the use of condoms as contraceptive. 
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They claim that the pleasure during intercourse is reduced due to the barrier posed by the latex condom.
Instead of using condoms, why can't you rather use skin to skin contact, that's if you are married, you enjoyed more with skin to skin than using condoms that you won't feel.
Using withdrawal method can also be relatively safe, that's if you know how your body system works, with this, you must be very sensual of your body feeling during the release of dopamine hormone, try this and I hope It works

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