Revealed! See Why Odunlade Adekola Is Yet To Accept Offer To Become KING

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It is no longer news that star actor, Odunlade Adekola has emerged his family's choice to become the king of their town, Otun in Ekiti state.
Recall that recently, news broke that the movie sensation emerged his family's choice to represent them and become king. 
Presently, the Oba stool in the town is vacant following the demise of the last king, Oba Popoola, and it is the turn of Odunlade's family, the Iletun ruling family, to produce the next king. And after months of consultation and deliberations, the family came together and decided that star actor, Odunlade Adekola is their candidate for the throne.
Ever since this news broke out, it has been greeted with a cacophony of reactions. Many have been excited by the news, believing it will be a humongous achievement for the Nollywood star, while hundreds of others have seen things differently, advising that he treads softly. 
Interestingly, despite all of the buzz and excitement, the news has generated, Odunlade
is yet to make any public statement regarding the development.
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But Information available to a few journalists is that he is yet to announce to the family if he has accepted to accede to their demand or not. And when contacted by journalists on phone to his official response, he pleaded for time and promised to make a statement soon. He did not confirm nor deny the story. But worried by his prolonged silence and reluctance to jump at the opportunity to become the next king of Otun, the actor's entire family has been mounting huge pressure on him to make up his mind and seize the opportunity with both hands. 
The reason why they settled for him is the fact that they believe, by his huge popularity, he has solid contacts within and outside Ekiti state, even within government circles, to attract development to the small town of Otun. And another thing is that Odunlade enjoys tremendous goodwill everywhere he goes and this has to do with, not just his fame, but also his humility and remarkable attitude. 
But according to reports from a trusted source, Odunlade has been thinking carefully about the whole Oba offer. He confided to a close colleague of his who is also a major star in the Yoruba arm of Nollywood and who has acted alongside Odunlade in many blockbusters that have come out of that sector that he is unsure of accepting the offer to become king.
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 He is wary of quitting acting to become king. He does not know yet if that is God's will for him, considering that he is the biggest Yoruba movie actor right now. He is at the top of his career, enjoying several mouth-watering deals with a handful of big organizations and making good money.
According to Odunlade's colleague who pleaded for his identity to be concealed, "his biggest fear is that what will happen to him if he leaves acting and shortly after he becomes king something happens, what will he do then? Acting is his life, that is what has brought him fame and fortune, will he not regret it if he suddenly dumps his first love for royalty? He is not even sure if he is cut out to be a king. He feels he is too carefree, too open and emotional as a person to make a good king. He reminded the journalist of a Yoruba proverb which translated means if God has not destined for you to become something, and you listen to a man and force your way to occupy the position, the result is not likely to be good."
So, as it is, the waiting game is still on. Odunlade has not agreed yet, and the family is waiting to hear from him, putting tremendous pressure on him every day. 

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