See The Right Way To Wash Your Hands To Avoid Getting Infected With Coronavirus

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With Coronavirus cases in about 50 countries, and the W.H.O's hazard appraisal now at the highest level, there has never been a superior time to brush up on one of the most effortless ways to avoid the spread of the dangerous infection: proper hand hygiene.
Hand washing is the most reliable means to forestall the spread of this deadly infection.
Recall that you can spread certain "germs"
(a general term for microbes like infections and microscopic organisms) calmly by touching another person. You can also catch this deadly disease when you touch your mouth, eyes, and nose with hands that made contact with objects or surfaces that has this infection.
Scrub your hands thoroughly (watchdoguganda)
This is the right and proper way to wash both of your hands:
1. Wet your hands thoroughly with water first. You can utilize cold or warm water for this.
2. Utilize an excellent and compelling soap and apply it thoroughly all over your hands. Guarantee that the soap gets into all aspects of your hands.
3. Do this for in any event 20 seconds. Wash in between your hands, fingernails, front and backs of your hands, wrists, and forearms.
4. Flush the soap off your hands with water.
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5. Dry your hands with a dry towel or disposable paper towel.
6. Switch off the water with another towel so that you do not re-contaminate your hand

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