Meet The Wife Of Alaafin Of Oyo Who Allegedly Cheated And Was Sent Out Of The Palace

Alafin Of Oyo Allegedly Sends Wife Out Over Allegations Of ...
Olori Badirat Ajoke the youngest of ALAAFIN of Oyo's wives has been chased out of the palace already and she is not permitted to marry another man until the Alaafin lifts a curse that has been placed on her for defiling the royal throne
According to reports, the 22 Years Old Olori married to 84 years old Alaafin of Oyo has allegedly been kicked out of the Alaafin's palace after her
adulterous relationship with  King Wasiu Ayinde Marshall (KWAM1) was recently uncovered.
Alafin of Oyo allegedly sends youngest wife packing over ...
Many Nigerians have agreed with Olori Badirat's course of action considering the massive age difference between the Alaafin who is in his mid-80s and the wife who just recently concluded her NYSC service. 
Check out some of the comments below:
Why will such olori cheat on the king? the king who has power and now she has been sent out of the place with cursed.she will not many any many again until the king forgives her and remove the curse placed on her.

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