See Why Women Don't Ask The Guys They Like Out

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It is no doubt that most guys have complained that women miss the window of romantic opportunity when they fail to ask the guy they like out.
The thing is, some women do ask guys out, but not directly or verbally. Only a small percentage of women take this masculine role, by asking a guy out.
It is not very common, especially in Nigeria. In this article, I will be writing on the reasons why women don't ask the men they like out.

1. Gender Roles

Since time immemorial, men have always been the ones making the first move on women, asking them out, planning a venue for a date, and event planning for the next date, after the first date.
This gender role has
been with us since the dawn of time. Even with a young Nigerian girl, it will be very tough for her to ask a guy out. It is not just in there nature.

2. The Fear Of Rejection

Just as the guys fear to hear a woman say no to them, or not given them their number, after a step of faith made by the guy. Women also have some fear.
The sizes of the women's fear are tripled that of the guy's fears, for them to be rejected after they open up to the guy they like.
The first predicament for a Nigerian girl is simply that, they are not accustomed to asking a guy out, and doing anything for the first time can be extremely scary for them.
They have so many questions running through there minds, and the thought of asking a guy out, and he says no, will crush that girl into pieces.
Women are always careful about their self-esteem and don't like to crush it by asking a guy out, and to a guy that might not even be their boyfriend at the end of it. So they always want the guys to ask them out first.
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3. Guys Are Threatened By Direct Women

Some Nigerian guys are scared of a lady who asks them out, probably thinking they are after his destiny or other thoughts. 
It is also evident that a man, who considers himself a hunter, wants to enjoy the chase before he gets the girl.
If a girl takes the role and ask the guy out, most guys are threatened by such boldness, and they lose interest in her after the first date, which will mostly be tolerated because of pity or of courtesy.

4. Most Guys Would Think She Is Desperate

Due to the gender role fact, most guys would find girls who came out boldly to ask them out, as desperate, which might not actually be the case.
No girl wants to look too desperate when she is in love.

5. They Wouldn't Know Where To Start

Since it is something that they rarely do, and therefore have very little or no experience at all, going up to a handsome guy, that they love, but not knowing what to say, is close to impossible.
Initiating a flirty kind of conversation is a guy kind of thing, and the thought of a girl doing it is very frustrating and extremely difficult for a girl.
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Even though, when a woman would want to make the first move, it will be hard because of the unconditional nature of Nigerians women and the fear of been rejected.
Ladies do make moves, but most times not verbal. They use body language and other signs.

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